Justin W. Waldrop
Justin W. Waldrop (2019)

Justin W. Waldrop grew up in the conservative oil patch of West Texas under the stewardship of a single mother who, from a young age, instilled a deep appreciation of the arts and, more specifically, photography, in him. Early on, his creative endeavors skewed towards the performance arts but eventually he stopped walking the boards, instead choosing to forge a path behind the camera, both professionally and in his free time.

After college, he devoted his time to building a career first in broadcasting and then moved into marketing. After starting his own firm in 2017, he began focusing his work on making compelling and socially relevant advertising messages using unconventional imagery. This professional work would eventually lead him back to photography as a medium with a newfound understanding of how to warp imagery into unique artwork using digital methodology.

His influences are far-reaching and include such masters as Bosch, Klimt, Mondrian, and Koons.

Waldrop’s current works aim to take subjects commonly taken for granted or considered taboo and turn them into something unexpectedly beautiful – often producing results that look nothing like how they began. He believes his inspiration is derived from his own experiences surviving difficult times.