Beyond the Glass Ceiling

IMG_20150519_180449It has been quite some time since I’ve updated this website, and for good reason. Truth be told, I haven’t posted in such a long time because I became settled, some might even call it complacent, in my current job situation.
When I purchased this domain and built the website, it was in response to something most people who work in news have become all too use to: the overturn cycle.  It happens every 2-3 years, and is especially noticeable in lower markets where newsrooms see a large number of reporters and producers come and go. It’s just part of being a training ground in an industry that requires constant upward momentum; otherwise, you’ll remain stagnant.
I built this site as a launching pad when I witnessed my first cycle blow through the newsroom. Friends I’d made suddenly were all eagerly putting together their resume reels, scouting job openings and dreaming of their first “jump” to a bigger market. That sort of hopefulness and aspiration is contagious. Mix that with the rue and lament that comes with knowing you may not ever see again someone you grew close to while fighting in the trenches of broadcast media creates a potent blend of desperation and hyperactivity.
Watching them pack up their desks and bequeath their business cards to the newbie crew makes anyone staying behind wish for the same. That drive is what led me to build my own web page: a place for me to start a name for myself and show how hard I was working toward a similar goal.

Problem is, I was moving fast, and with every rung I climbed, I became less and less focused on moving on and more and more focused on what was best for my newsroom, not myself. Hence, the website fell into disrepair.

This might denote a lack of devotion or focus to some, but in truth, I became my job. I still am my job. It dominates what I do when I wake up, while I eat, even while I sleep. I love news and find it harder and harder to unplug from it as each day passes.

Recent events have me looking toward the horizon once again. I’ve held four different titles in less than four years. I’ve worked from entry-level photojournalist up to Managing Editor. Beyond that title, I’ll have to wait in line. At times I actually hear the top of my head tap-tap-tapping the glass ceiling above it. Maybe if I hit it hard enough, it’ll crack.

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