Kaleidoscope Dreams: “Mandala”

“Mandala” is the second image (click here for the first) from Kaleidoscope Dreams that took a large number of drafts to arrive at a finalized release version. As with most of the images in this series, it looks nothing like it began as.

“Mandala” Original Image

This piece actually began when I was fabric shopping to reupholster a vintage stool I’d purchased at market. I found a particularly vibrant green design with a mid-century modern graphic overlay that I felt particularly attracted to. Sadly, I was unable to get the fabric but did snap a quick picture of the pattern in the hopes of doing something with it.

Justin W. Waldrop "Mandala" 2019
“Mandala” (2019)

“Mandala” began simply enough but as I worked with the pattern and turned the image into itself, I wanted it to reflect more depth and a wider array of the spectrum. After thinking I’d finished the piece, I’d take a step back and end up diving further into the work until I arrived at this final version.

At first glance, it may seem like a simple effect but if the image is blown to full resolution, the detailing I implemented on the pixel level reveals the complexity of the intent behind this image.

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