The Strange, Sometimes Fulfilling, Career Paths of Broadcasting

Recently I decided to dive into our archives and look back at some of the work I was a part of before I moved into producing.

When I first entered the broadcasting world I was hired as a “mid-shift” photojournalist through a friend. At first the job seemed like the perfect fit. I was out and about, not chained to a desk, plus it came with a company car and unlimited gas.

But a couple of months passed and I soon found myself aching to remain in the newsroom. It was a regular bone of contention between myself and our assignments desk.

Three months later I was swiftly moved into producing and I haven’t looked back since.

Nonetheless I still truly enjoy seeing the work that was created during that time period. Below is my most memorable shoot when I was sent to Marfa with Shannon Murray who just recently landed her dream job at KVUE in Austin. She’s destined for great things and I’m glad my name is attached to the package that follows:

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