“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”

justin w. waldrop

About Me

By trade I am a strategic communicator specializing in non-profit organizations and corporate philanthropy. I have a depth of experience in developing media strategies and communications programs. With a focus on social media advertising, campaign development, project management, and corporate causal marketing, I have enjoyed a successful career producing for the broadcast media industry. With an extensive background in media relations and administration, I am also passionate about community service as an ordained minister and current student working towards my MBA.

I believe in the power of collaboration, and I believe that increased polarization across the US and the globe now threatens to undermine the important work of the social sector. From forging unlikely partnerships for the good of the environment to creating a thriving multiracial democracy to improving the relationships within your organization, working towards a better future requires collaboration and a willingness to have candid conversations. The best strategy is to identify common ground and build from there.