Simply Hungry

In the heart of Dallas, amidst the ceaseless rhythm of city life, I encountered a scene that struck a profound chord within me. It was a young man seated unassumingly on a curb, his hands gently holding a sign bearing just two words: “Simply Hungry.” This stark, unadorned message resonated deeply. For years, I’ve been […]

The Power of Human Storytelling in the Age of Advanced AI

teal typwriter sitting amid blank paper, a coffee cup, and a pair of eyeglasses

In an era where artificial intelligence is rewriting the rulebook, the art of human storytelling emerges with even greater enthusiasm. As advanced algorithms like GPT-4 take center stage in crafting tales, the human essence of stories—their imperfections, emotions, and raw sincerity—creates a unique resonance. The Context: My Journey Amidst AI’s Phenomenal Growth Before diving deep, […]