Navigating PTSD and Identity in the Workplace

I share this narrative not just as a tale of trials but as a testament to the resilience and an illuminating guide on the complex landscape of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the workplace, especially for someone like me, an LGBTQIA+ individual and a survivor of domestic violence and workplace abuse. My experience is a […]

Mastering the Mind’s Traps

How Executives Can Overcome Cognitive Biases for Better Decision-Making In the rapidly evolving business landscape, executives increasingly recognize the impact of cognitive biases on their decision-making processes. These biases, often subtle and overlooked, can significantly influence strategic choices. Drawing upon in-depth academic research, this article explores how cognitive biases shape executive leadership, specifically overconfidence, hindsight, […]

Simply Hungry

In the heart of Dallas, amidst the ceaseless rhythm of city life, I encountered a scene that struck a profound chord within me. It was a young man seated unassumingly on a curb, his hands gently holding a sign bearing just two words: “Simply Hungry.” This stark, unadorned message resonated deeply. For years, I’ve been […]

The Alchemy of Adversity

Author’s Note: In sharing this personal capstone reflection, originally penned for my Integrative Studies program, I aim to offer a window into my transformative journey. It’s a narrative meant to encourage and resonate with anyone facing their battles, highlighting the profound impact of education, resilience, and self-renewal. Twenty years ago, the cap and gown felt […]

The Power of Human Storytelling in the Age of Advanced AI

teal typwriter sitting amid blank paper, a coffee cup, and a pair of eyeglasses

In an era where artificial intelligence is rewriting the rulebook, the art of human storytelling emerges with even greater enthusiasm. As advanced algorithms like GPT-4 take center stage in crafting tales, the human essence of stories—their imperfections, emotions, and raw sincerity—creates a unique resonance. The Context: My Journey Amidst AI’s Phenomenal Growth Before diving deep, […]

Barbara from Richardson

Barbara, the Uber driver, picked me up today after a harried morning of working from home while trying to achieve the impossible: doing a long weekend’s worth of chores and errands in six hours flat. Barbara drives a black Nissan Rogue that’s probably nearing its tenth year of service. She sits under the 100-degree sun, […]

The EV Hype Cycle: Cause for Concern?

electric vehicle parked next to row of chargers

It’s no secret that the Biden administration has strongly emphasized clean energy and electric vehicles (EVs). With the backing of industrial policy, the EV market is evolving rapidly, driven by the hype cycle surrounding it. This article will explore how the combination of industrial policy and the EV hype cycle is causing a glut before […]

Thriving in the Age of AI

five blue lightbulbs and one bright yellow bulb hanging above them

Why Generalists Are the Future’s Innovators The rapid expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the workplace, reshaping industries, and prompting an ongoing debate over the value of generalists versus specialists. As AI continues to advance, the argument for generalists grows stronger. This article will explore how generalists, with their interdisciplinary knowledge and ability to […]

Why Recessions Are Essential for Economic Health

piggy bank underwater

A fresh look at bank collapses, recessions, and the necessity of economic contraction. Introduction: Recessions have long been portrayed as economic bogeymen, with bank collapses often serving as their harbingers of doom. But what if we reframe our perspective on recessions and the role of bank failures within them? Are these events inherently linked, and […]

The Hidden Costs of Singledom

pencil and watercolor art of single person standing amid crowd of coupled people

Addressing the Financial Burden of Being Single in America As the economic landscape becomes more uncertain, the weight of financial hardship is felt disproportionately by singles. With the cost of living alone on the rise, coupled individuals, particularly married ones, enjoy a clear advantage. This post seeks to shine a light on the often-overlooked “singles […]