The EV Hype Cycle: Cause for Concern?

electric vehicle parked next to row of chargers

It’s no secret that the Biden administration has strongly emphasized clean energy and electric vehicles (EVs). With the backing of industrial policy, the EV market is evolving rapidly, driven by the hype cycle surrounding it. This article will explore how the combination of industrial policy and the EV hype cycle is causing a glut before […]

Thriving in the Age of AI

five blue lightbulbs and one bright yellow bulb hanging above them

Why Generalists Are the Future’s Innovators The rapid expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the workplace, reshaping industries, and prompting an ongoing debate over the value of generalists versus specialists. As AI continues to advance, the argument for generalists grows stronger. This article will explore how generalists, with their interdisciplinary knowledge and ability to […]

Why Recessions Are Essential for Economic Health

piggy bank underwater

A fresh look at bank collapses, recessions, and the necessity of economic contraction. Introduction: Recessions have long been portrayed as economic bogeymen, with bank collapses often serving as their harbingers of doom. But what if we reframe our perspective on recessions and the role of bank failures within them? Are these events inherently linked, and […]

The Hidden Costs of Singledom

pencil and watercolor art of single person standing amid crowd of coupled people

Addressing the Financial Burden of Being Single in America As the economic landscape becomes more uncertain, the weight of financial hardship is felt disproportionately by singles. With the cost of living alone on the rise, coupled individuals, particularly married ones, enjoy a clear advantage. This post seeks to shine a light on the often-overlooked “singles […]

The Algorithmic Culture Trap

abstract with woman's shocked face looking at human form with television for a head

As a Millennial, I was raised in a world where technology was rapidly advancing and shaping how we consume information. Growing up, I was exposed to an endless stream of pop culture that often distorted my sense of reality and led me to search for meaning in places where there was none. In his seminal […]

Loyalty Bias: An Ethical Quandary

We’ve all been there. We’re in a conversation with someone, and they mention a piece of information that we know could cause harm to someone we care about. At that moment, we’re faced with a choice: do we share the information or withhold it to protect our loved ones? This is the phenomenon of loyalty […]

The Importance of Intrinsic Values in Our Professional Lives

grayscale background of gears fitting together

Throughout history, philosophers have extolled the importance of purpose, autonomy, and mastery as the core principles of intrinsic value. At the heart of a fulfilling professional life, these values were espoused by the likes of Plato, Aristotle, and Marcus Aurelius. Each of these philosophers believed that a life lived in service of one’s purpose, with […]

How the Triangle of Expectations Model Can Lead to a More Fulfilling Life

As a project manager, I’ve found that the Triangle of Expectations model isn’t just a tool for managing projects, but it can also be applied to making decisions in our personal lives. And let me tell you; it’s a game changer. It has helped me make more informed and thoughtful decisions that align with my […]

The Power of Boredom

silhouette of human head and torso with branches of a tree filling it

In today’s world, constant stimulation bombards us with notifications and distractions, leaving little room for silence or stillness. This constant state of stimulation can negatively impact our ability to think creatively and generate new ideas. In this blog post, we will explore how boredom can foster creativity and examine the consequences of not allowing ourselves […]

Navigating Uncertainty in Contemporary Times

pedestrian rope bridge across a vast expanse with fog

Living in a world lacking consistency can be overwhelming and negatively impact our mental and emotional well-being. But, by embracing the philosophy of stoicism and Buddhism and focusing on cultivating inner wisdom and peace, we can find a way to navigate the uncertainty and instability that characterizes the contemporary world.