The EV Hype Cycle: Cause for Concern?

electric vehicle parked next to row of chargers

It’s no secret that the Biden administration has strongly emphasized clean energy and electric vehicles (EVs). With the backing of industrial policy, the EV market is evolving rapidly, driven by the hype cycle surrounding it. This article will explore how the combination of industrial policy and the EV hype cycle is causing a glut before […]

Consumer-Grade Decarbonization Industrial Policy

Can you imagine a world where consumers are more engaged in the fight for decarbonization than corporations? In this post, we will explore how incentivizing consumer participation can influence and achieve carbon neutrality.

Energy Citizenship: The United States Needs It, Now

solar panels set behind title

Introduction To thrive as a nation in the 21st century, we need access to affordable clean energy, which we need now. If we don’t act soon, America will fall behind other nations that have already begun moving towards an energy citizen nation. The United States Needs Energy Citizenship, and It Needs It Now   The […]