Simply Hungry

In the heart of Dallas, amidst the ceaseless rhythm of city life, I encountered a scene that struck a profound chord within me. It was a young man seated unassumingly on a curb, his hands gently holding a sign bearing just two words: “Simply Hungry.” This stark, unadorned message resonated deeply. For years, I’ve been […]

Barbara from Richardson

Barbara, the Uber driver, picked me up today after a harried morning of working from home while trying to achieve the impossible: doing a long weekend’s worth of chores and errands in six hours flat. Barbara drives a black Nissan Rogue that’s probably nearing its tenth year of service. She sits under the 100-degree sun, […]

The EV Hype Cycle: Cause for Concern?

electric vehicle parked next to row of chargers

It’s no secret that the Biden administration has strongly emphasized clean energy and electric vehicles (EVs). With the backing of industrial policy, the EV market is evolving rapidly, driven by the hype cycle surrounding it. This article will explore how the combination of industrial policy and the EV hype cycle is causing a glut before […]

The Hidden Costs of Singledom

pencil and watercolor art of single person standing amid crowd of coupled people

Addressing the Financial Burden of Being Single in America As the economic landscape becomes more uncertain, the weight of financial hardship is felt disproportionately by singles. With the cost of living alone on the rise, coupled individuals, particularly married ones, enjoy a clear advantage. This post seeks to shine a light on the often-overlooked “singles […]

The Algorithmic Culture Trap

abstract with woman's shocked face looking at human form with television for a head

As a Millennial, I was raised in a world where technology was rapidly advancing and shaping how we consume information. Growing up, I was exposed to an endless stream of pop culture that often distorted my sense of reality and led me to search for meaning in places where there was none. In his seminal […]

The Power of Boredom

silhouette of human head and torso with branches of a tree filling it

In today’s world, constant stimulation bombards us with notifications and distractions, leaving little room for silence or stillness. This constant state of stimulation can negatively impact our ability to think creatively and generate new ideas. In this blog post, we will explore how boredom can foster creativity and examine the consequences of not allowing ourselves […]

Social Entrepreneurship: Harnessing Passion for Solving Problems

abstract visualization of social entrepreneurship

In the wake of the Great Recession, many people found themselves out of work and feeling a lack of purpose in their lives. This led to a surge in social entrepreneurship, as people sought to fill this void by creating businesses that sought to solve some of society’s most pressing problems.

Why Victims Are Ignored in Societal Evolution

black and white photo of escalator

We fail to realize that the people who suffer from a problem are often better equipped than experts to define it. They know more about what it means to be poor, disabled, or marginalized because they live it daily. If we want real change, we must listen when our neighbors tell us what will make them better off.